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Good Beginnings Start here

Welcome to MM Bouncy House!  We’ve got all kinds of exciting games and fun activities that are sure to keep your little ones entertained and busy, all day long. The play area is maintained with high cleanliness and safety standards to make sure your children have a blast, while keeping you worry-free.

Your child’s formative years set the foundation for their growth and development for years to come. When they learn to have fun, interact, engage socially, and involve themselves in things that develop their mental and physical attributes, they grow up to be active and healthy. And that’s why, we are just the right place for a good start.

Once they experience the excitement around here, even TVs and phones don’t stand a chance. Bouncy House will keep them wishing they had more of that heaped up energy.

Interactive Games

Pump Up The Adernaline At Your Event!


  • Bouncing House
  • Giant Connect 4
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Cotton Candy
  • Tables, Chairs

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